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Who are we

We are family focused and non-politicial.
We encourage likeminded people with a sense of adventure to join us.
We are a free to join Social Club with a special interest in motorcycling.
All welcomed regardless of age, colour, creed, sexuality or choice of ride.
We offer no threat to anyone but will defend our freedom to wear and associate with anyone we choose.

Where are we ?

    We are based around Ipswich, Queensland. Although we do have members around the state, around Australia and around the World !

How to join ?

    You do not need to apply, fill in forms or jump through hoops to become a member. You just need to ride with us, if you like us and we like you a vote will be taken amongst the current members to admit a new member. Its that simple.

Organised Rides

There are a great many motorcycle groups within the the area. We often post details of these rides on our page.

We include details such as which group is organizing the ride, date and time and where our members will meet up to join the ride

Scheduled rides ... click on date for details